Submission Guidelines

We accept rolling submissions on socio-legal topics of interestA maximum co-authorship of three individuals is permitted. The chosen topic has a higher probability of acceptance if it is based on a contemporary issue. We expect authors to present their thesis by adopting a structural manner of argumentation, where the central argument may be identified and the conclusion derived through research based on that line of argument. Subject to the decision of the Editorial Board, an accepted submission may be awarded a monetary remuneration of ₹ 500 or ₹ 1,000.


By submitting an article under these guidelines, you consent to Critiqued publishing the said article and recognize, to the best of your knowledge, that such article has neither been published elsewhere nor has been submitted for consideration to any other website. The submission guidelines are as follows: –


1. Format: .doc/.docx


2. Word Limit (according to category):
Articles/Book Summaries: ~1000 words
Case Notes/Movie Reviews/Book Reviews: ~1500 words

We do not look for lengthy descriptive pieces of writing. A submitted article should be crisp and free of redundant statements. Pieces attempting to make a sound argument for/against policy measures, the rationale of judgments, among other things, are preferred.


3. Referencing/Citation Format: We prefer citations to be referenced as hyperlinks within the text. 

Where hyperlinking is not possible, the author may choose a uniform style of citation such as OSCOLA/Bluebook/etc. as endnotes. Documents, where endnotes are used, must be single-spaced within an individual endnote and double-spaced between endnotes collectively.


The review process shall culminate within a fortnight. The submitted articles are screened twice through a double-blind peer-review process to ensure correctness and the following responses are possible to a valid submission made under the aforementioned guidelines: –

1. Your article is accepted for publication, to be published within a period of ten days from the date of notification of acceptance.

2. Your article is returned with directions requesting certain changes attached with an invitation to re-submit after making said changes. 

N.B.: – Once submitted, re-submissions are treated as new submissions altogether and are subject to the same process of review.

3. Your article is rejected, with disclosed/undisclosed reasons for said rejection. We generally provide detailed feedback to help young writers in understanding academic legal writing.


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